Violence has some specific forms that we should be able to recognize. These are:

  1. Intimidation – Intimidation is used to awake fear in the victim that if she do not obey, will happen something very bad. Fear can last for days, weeks, long after it is over the physical violence. This form of violence includes intimidation of the victim with gestures, breaking and tearing the property of the victim, playing with firearms, threat to murder the woman and / or children, threats of suicide. Many people living in constant threats adapt to the situation without realizing the extent of the fear and risk.
  2. Emotional abuse – It deprives the victim of self-confidence, making it dependent and weak. That behavior includes swearing and humiliation the victim, disqualifying her to the family and friends, and attribution of the feeling that she is stupid. 
  3. Physical abuse – Physical abuse aims to cause the victim to do what her abuser wants. He punishes the victim because she is violated his rules, and evokes fear in her. This behavior includes pushing, shoving, hitting the victim with a hand or fist, strangling and burning.
  4. Sexual abuse - Sexual abuse is very humiliating. Many of the women who are victims feel uncomfortable when they are talking about the sexual abuse committed by them. Many women have found that after a certain period of time a man who abused physically and mentally, he has become and a sexual abuser.