If you are victims of crimes and feel humiliated and helpless, if you are afraid and feel powerless, do not lose faith, we are here to help and support you. If you need emotional support and initial consultation about what to do, contact support organizations for victims of crimes that can help you.

What kind of help you can get from the organizations supporting victims of crimes?

Workers in organizations to support victims of crimes are renowned experts in the field of prevention and combating of crimes and violence against people - psychologists, lawyers, sociologists, criminologists, educators, social workers and others.

In the offices of organizations to support victims of crimes you will receive:

  • empathy ;
  • understanding ;
  • discretion ;
  • support ;
  • competence ;
  • therapy ;
  • consultation ;
  • advice ;
  • activism ;
  • mediation ;
  • information ;
  • direction .

If you are a victim of a violent intentional crime against the person, led to mayhem, or are relatives of a victim, support organizations will necessarily offer you psychological support, expressed in:

  • Social and psychological support ;
  • Psychological counseling ;
  • Therapeutic lectures ;
  • Psychotherapy for the victims and their relatives ;
  • Long-term psychological support ;
  • Pedagogical advice and support ;
  • Psychiatric care ;
  • Referral to other professionals and organizations .

You can get help and support from some of these organizations in Newcastle: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (DVSA) Advisor ; Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) ; Newcastle Sexual Assault Service ; and others.