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Angelou Support Centre offers free emotional, practical and advising support to black and minority ethnic female victims of sexual violence, honour-based violence, forced marriage and domestic slavery in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is a chance for women to get together and support one another, get advice from Angelou Centre staff, learn about volunteering and employment opportunities and campaigns.

No one expects or plans to be a victim of crime, yet crime can happen to anyone. Whether a forced marriage, an assault, a violence or harassment, it can leave you feeling angry, worried and alone. Other people's reactions can be difficult to handle and it's sometimes hard to find someone to talk to openly about your feelings.

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Emotional support can be expressed in listening, discussing and understanding the problem. We can talk with the victim about any difficulties or concerns affecting his/her caring relationships, or anything else. Any conversations that take place between us are completely confidential and no details will be given out to other agencies without permission.

Being a victim of crime can lead to all kinds of practical problems: replacing vital documents, securing your home, sorting out insurance and dealing with the authorities.

While emotional support can help you deal with your feelings after a crime, practical problems often act as reminders of what you’ve been through and make it harder to get your life back under control.

Practical support can be as simple as providing help with filling out forms, for example for compensation claims, or other.

Advising support can help with feelings of guilt, anger, stress, bereavement and depression/anxiety. It offers the chance to talk things through in a relaxed confidential way, to help explore thoughts and feelings so that we can make decisions that are right for them. This is especially useful to help relieve the sense that they are not entirely alone with their problems.

Angelou Support Centre can provide:

  • Time to talk ;
  • Listening and discussing ;
  • Advising ;
  • Emotional support ;
  • Practical support .